Strawberry cake

This strawberry cake recipe based on mousseline cream will look great on Mother’s Day ! A strawberry cake made of a sponge cake and a muslin cream garnished with delicious scented strawberries, all decorated with a marbled glaze, you can only see the happiness of your mom who will be happy to taste a part of strawberry cake recipe.

Strawberry Tiramisu

This Strawberry Tiramisu deserves to be on your table ! A tiramisu recipe that I took care to revisit starting from a pistachio spoon biscuit soaked in strawberry syrup, all with a mascarpone cream and delicious Mara strawberries very fragrant. This recipe for tiramisu with strawberries is both light and refreshing, only happiness !

Strawberry pie

The strawberry pie is appreciated by all … Made with a sweet dough and a light cream, this strawberry tart recipe will be loved. I invite you to discover on video this delicious strawberry pie which will soon be in the center of your table …

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