Original apple pie

This original apple pie is full of delicacies! On a dought shortbread base with oatmeal, stands a hazelnut cream topped with applesauce, all embellished with slices of poached Granny apples for a finish that is worth the detour. All you have to do is put on the apron …


The applesauce … many of us still remember the delicious smell that smelled of our grandmothers’ house, a subtle mixture of apple and cinnamon smells, with a hint of vanilla. Whether in an apple pie or simply as a dessert at the end of a meal, its taste will remain in the mouth !

Apple pie

With this apple pie recipe, young and old will ask you to make this delicious delicacy. It is surely one of the most coveted pies in pastry, and I promise you that this apple pie has already proven itself with many gourmets.

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