The soft bread is a dough raised to title as the brioche or pan milk. It is intended for various consumption as grilled at breakfast, or to make salty canapés for cocktails and festive meals. The recipe of the soft bread is not very complicated and allows you to make a homemade bread to delight the whole family …
Category : Bread and breakfast pastries
Difficulty : Easy
Servings : 10 people
Preparation time : 45 minutes
Cooking time : 40 minutes
Rest time : 3 hours
Total time : 4 hours 25 minutes
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Soft bread


  • Soft ​​bread pan 27cm long X 10cm wide X 10cm high


  • 500 g all-purpose flour
  • 10 g salt
  • 10 g caster sugar
  • 20 g fresh yeast
  • 25 cl milk Plan a little more if necessary
  • 30 g butter


  • For this soft bread recipe, we are going to do a mechanical kneading with a whisk.
  • In the tank of the mixer, pour the flour, the salt, the sugar, the baking powder and the softened butter. Make sure to not put in direct contact the baking powder with the salt and the sugar.
  • Add one part of milk, and start kneading with the hook at low speed. Add the rest of milk progressively. With a dough scraper, make sure everything is blended.
  • You need to adjust the dough firmness which must be flexible and slightly sticky on the sides. Keep kneading for 10 minutes or so.
  • Regularly, you need to take down the dough that sticked on the hook in order to have a good kneading process.
  • After the 10 minutes, place the dough on your working area. Roll the dough out with your hand, then refold the edges towards the center in order to form a nice flexible and smooth ball.
  • Put a bit of flour at the bottom of a bowl, place the dough ball on the flour, cover it with a tea towel and leave it to rest for 1h30 at room temperature for the effect of the baking powder to start manifesting.
  • We are going to use a baking pan for sandwich bread which is closed thanks to a sliding lid. Grease the whole with a brush and a bit of melted butter.
  • After 1h30, the dough has leavened. Place it on your working area, roll it out with your hand and form a roll with the edge below and with a length equal to the length of the baking pan.
  • Place the dough at the bottom of the baking pan and spread the whole. Close the pan by sliding the lid at 3/4 so that you can still see the dough. Leave the dough to rest until the dough occupies the 4/5 of the baking pan.
  • When the dough is leavened enough, close completely the baking pan and wait 15 more minutes. Then, bake the dough for 40 minutes in a 210°C preheated convection oven.
  • After the baking, remove the lid and remove the soft bread from the pan, then place it on a metal grid to cool it down.
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