Provencal cookies

The famous Provencal cookies, speciality of Provence are truly inscribed in the culinary heritage of this beautiful region. The aromas of olive oil and orange blossom flavor perfectly this specialty of cookies at once easy and fast to realize.
Category : Shortbread and biscuit
Difficulty : Easy
Servings : 8 personnes
Preparation time : 15 mins
Cooking time : 20 mins
Rest time : 1 hr 30 mins
Total time : 2 hrs 5 mins
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Provencal cookies


  • 500 g cake flour
  • 200 g caster sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 25 g Orange flower water 
  • 45 g olive oil
  • 1 zeste d'orange
  • i.e milk


  • To make these Provencal cookies, start break the eggs In a container, and pour the caster sugar. Whip it with a whisk.
  • Add the olive oil, the orange blossom flavoured water and the zest of an orange.
  • Mix then add the flour by using a wooden spatula.
  • Mix with your hands this time, then place the dough on your working area and keep mixing with the palm of your hand to obtain a homogeneous dough.
  • Flour your working area, then the dough to obtain a dough ball which is not sticky.
  • Wrap the dough with plastic wrap. Leave it to rest in the refrigerator for 1 hour and half.
  • Then take two 300g pieces of dough which you will work on to make 10 ‘navettes’ for each piece, then with the leftover which should weigh approximately 240g you will be able to make 8 extra ‘navettes’.
  • Lengthen each piece and cut it to have pieces of 30g.
  • Take each ‘navette’ that you lenghten to have a length of 8cm or so, then pinch the edges. Place them piece by piece on a baking sheet.
  • Add a bit of milk on the Provencal cookies with a brush, then notch the top of each 'navette' with a knife.
  • Bake them in an 180°C oven (thermostat 6) for 15 to 20 min while keeping an eye on the baking process. They must not take too much color.
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