The applesauce … many of us still remember the delicious smell that smelled of our grandmothers’ house, a subtle mixture of apple and cinnamon smells, with a hint of vanilla. Whether in an apple pie or simply as a dessert at the end of a meal, its taste will remain in the mouth !

Pastry cream

Pastry cream is the cream most used in baking. Garnishing with eclairs, flavored with chocolate, coffee, or even welcoming all kinds of fruit in our pies, this cream is essential. I invite you to discover this easy-to-make, creamy and generous pastry cream recipe …

Mousseline cream

The mousseline cream is a cream whose smoothness is enchanting. Accompanied by praline, this cream makes the heyday of Paris-Brest, but it is also found in certain millefeuille, as well as in strawberry and raspberry. This mousseline cream recipe will soon have no secrets for you with this video …


Buttercream is one of the bases of our pastry, its history is written over many years. Remember the mokas and other Christmas logs. While this cream is used less than before, the fact remains that buttercream is the source of many flavors and famous recipes like that of opera. I invite you to discover the recipe for butter cream that you will master without worry …

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