Chocolate meringue

This chocolate meringue will delight the most greedy. Slightly melting at heart, this chocolate meringue recipe is easy and quick to make. After slow cooking at low temperatures, you will get delicious chocolate meringues.
Category : Petit four and macaroons
Difficulty : Easy
Servings : 10 people
Preparation time : 25 mins
Cooking time : 2 hrs
Total time : 2 hrs 25 mins
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chocolate meringue recipe
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Chocolate meringue


  • 150 g egg whites
  • 300 g caster sugar
  • 30 g unsweetened cocoa powder


  • To cook chocolate meringue, start pour the egg whites in the bowl of the mixer, add a bit of caster sugar, then whisk.
  • The whites are getting bigger and they start stiffening.
  • When the egg whites are beaten to 3/4, add the caster sugar progressively in order to transform the whites into meringue.
  • Once the meringue is done, stiff and shiny, remove the whisk, then add the sugarless cocoa powder while mixing with a spatula.
  • Put the chocolate meringues on a stainless steel pastry tray covered with a greaseproof sheet. Use a pastry bag fitted with a star tip.
  • Make about 3cm diameter meringues and shift each row.
  • Bake the chocolate meringues in a 80°C preheated oven for 2 hours.
  • After the baking, put the meringues on your working area and leave them to rest before savouring !
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