About chef sylvain

Hello everyone,

My name is Sylvain RENOUX, alias Chef Sylvain on the web. I am a pastry chef by trade and I trained as a Pâtissier-Chocolatier-Glacier between 1988 and 1990 (How time flies!). Then I gradually worked my way up the ranks, increasing my knowledge. After various professional experiences across France, I became Pastry Chef and I participated in several Pastry openings in Paris. I love the culinary world and the creativity that surrounds it. The pleasure of the eyes and the flavors has always attracted me a lot.

I launched the lechef-cestvous.com site in 2008 with the sole aim of democratizing pastry making and making it accessible to everyone. My approach is simple, the person behind the stove is at the heart of my thinking, in order to allow everyone, beginners and more experienced, children, parents, young retirees, to make pastry recipes, starting with the basics. essential, the great classics of French pastry and of course sometimes giving free rein to my imagination through revisited recipes.

In January 2015, I completed my approach by creating a chain YouTube because video has the power to simplify an explanation. Now I am followed by more than 160,000 subscribers with regular publications. I am also present on Instagram , and on Facebook .

In 2021, it’s time for chefsylvain.fr which replaces lechef-cestvous.com, with a blog approach rather than a website, with a more modern design and translated into English.

Thank you for your support for all these years !

Chef Sylvain

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