pastry recipes by chef sylvain

Pastry Recipes

Hello, I am Chef Sylvain!
I suggest you discover pastry or develop your knowledge through many recipes, often accompanied by videos. The basics, the great classics of French pastry, and cake recipes that I have revisited. One goal… to make pastry accessible to everyone!

Shortbread recipes …
Breton shortbread
Viennese shortbread
Florentine cake recipe
French breakfast …

Soft bread

The soft bread is a dough raised to title as the brioche or pan milk. It is intended for various consumption as grilled at breakfast, or to make salty canapés for cocktails and festive meals. The recipe of the soft bread is not very complicated and allows you to make a homemade bread to delight the whole family …

Milk bread

A milk bread with a bar of chocolate or jam has always been a favorite snack for children on the way to school or at home. I invite you to discover this milk bread recipe for children … and adults !

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